56K Help

56K Connection Support

(Super-Net supports V.90 on most access lines)

Why can't I connect at 56K?

  • You may not be calling an access number that supports 56K.
  • You may need to download the latest firmware for your modem.
  • You may need to download the latest drivers for your modem.
  • You may have more than one analog to digital conversion between your modem and us.
  • If you are calling from a business that is using a PBX, you may only be able to connect at 28.8 or 33.6.
  • Your computer may show your initial connection speed to be low, but the modem speed can fluctuate while the modem is connected.

  • What can I do to try to connect at a higher speed?

  • If you have multiple phones or other devices plugged into your phone line, unplug them.
  • Try using some of the modem initialization strings below or visit one of the sites listed below for updated drivers for your modem.

  • Generic 56K modem initialization strings
    (For Windows3.1 or Macintosh, add AT in front of the & symbol.)

    How to add an initialization string in Windows95 Dial-Up Networking

    1. Double-click the My Computer icon
    2. Double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon
    3. Click on your connection to Super-Net (either SSSNet or Stark Summit Supernet) with your right mouse button
    4. Click Properties on the menu that you receive
    5. Click Configure
    6. Click the Connection tab
    7. Click Advanced
    8. Place the initialization string in the Extra Settings box

    For additional information about 56K modems, visit one of the sites listed below.

    808hi.com - Solutions to common problems with 56K
    56K.com (init strings and links to many modem manufacturers)
    Mr. Modem (Init strings)
    Support for Hayes modems
    Support for Zoom modems