Welcome to the Super-Net Software page. This page allows you to download software directly from us, so it will take less time than directly downloading from the maker. Some software may require a decompression program such as WinZip or StuffIt in order to perform the installation. WinZip and StuffIt can also be downloaded from this page. Super-Net does not support all software on this page. Those programs on this page which are not supported are here as a courtesy to our customers.

All software on this page is either shareware or freeware. Shareware programs may require a fee in order to operate properly after a certain date that varies from from title to title.

Cable Modem Software

For those with cable modems, here are some helpful programs and drivers that you can use with your system.
Software TitleSizeProgram Type
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition USB Support Patch506KBUSB Shutdown Patch
3com PCI NIC Driver646KBNetwork Card Driver
3com ISA NIC Driver1.08MBNetwork Card Driver
3com PCMCIA 10/100 NIC Driver843KBNetwork Card Driver
3com PCMCIA 10MB NIC Driver664KBNetwork Card Driver
Com21 USB Modem Driver9KBNetwork Card Driver
D-Link USB Modem Driver24KBNetwork Card Driver
Intel ISA Driver868KBNetwork Card Driver
Intel PCI Driver731KBNetwork Card Driver
Kingston 111 PCI Driver793KBNetwork Card Driver
Kingston 120 PCI Driver787KBNetwork Card Driver
Kingston PCMCIA Driver818KBNetwork Card Driver
Netgear 101 USB NIC Driver164KBNetwork Card Driver
Netgear 201 ISA NIC Driver636KBNetwork Card Driver
Netgear 310 PCI NIC Driver819KBNetwork Card Driver
Netgear 311/312 PCI NIC Driver429KBNetwork Card Driver

Windows 95/98/ME

Software TitleSizeProgram Type
Internet Explorer 6 Setup File (must have Windows 98 or later)497KBWeb Browser With E-mail Client
Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Setup File500KBWeb Browser With E-mail Client
Netscape Communicator 4.77 WITH e-mail client20MBWeb Browser With E-mail Client
Eudora 5.16.3MBE-mail Client
CuteFTP 3.021.5MBFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client
WS_FTP Pro 6.021.5MBFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client
WinZip 8.01.25MBFile Compression/Decompression Software


Software TitleSizeProgram Type
Netscape Communicator 4.74 WITH e-mail client18.1MBWeb Browser With E-mail Client
Internet Explorer 4.5 WITH e-mail client9.1MBWeb Browser With E-mail Client
Eudora Light Client
Fetch 3.03952KBFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client
StuffIt Expander 5.5990KBFile Decompression Program
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