Q. What is a cable modem?
A. A cable modem is a device that connects your computer to the
Internet using the same cable that supplies your cable television
service. A cable modem will not affect your television picture and you
will be able to watch TV and use all other TV functions while using
your cable modem. A cable modem is an external device. It is not
installed inside your computer. The cable modem is attached to your
computer by an Ethernet cable (included with the cable modem). A
network card must be installed inside your computer to receive the
Ethernet cable. Super-Net will provide and install a network card as part
of our standard $99 installation.

Q. What are the advantages of a cable modem?
A. The main benefits of a cable modem are convenience, reliability
and speed. It can also save you money.
CONVENIENCE - A cable modem is convenient because it does not
require a phone line. This means you can talk on the phone and use
the Internet at the same time. A cable modem is convenient because
it is always connected. You will not have to dial a phone number or
remember your userid or password. You will not have to worry about
busy signals or annoying messages from the operator, such as, "All
Circuits Are Busy, Hang up And Try Your Call Later."
RELIABILITY - The constant connection of a cable modem offers the
highest reliability. Since you are always connected, there are no busy
signals. You will not be disconnected while downloading large files.
You won't have to worry about being disconnected when someone
picks up the phone while you are on line.
SPEED - A cable modem offers higher speed. The lowest level of
cable modem service is faster than a connection to the Internet
over a standard telephone line. Your web pages will appear faster
and downloading large files will be a breeze.
MONEY-SAVING - A cable modem might save you money. If you
maintain a separate phone line for your Internet use, you can
eliminate the extra phone line and the associated cost.

Q. What are the requirements for cable modem service?
A. You must live within the Massillon Cable TV service area and
have an active cable TV service drop to your home. Please consult
the System Requirements page to insure that your computer has the
necessary features for cable modem service.

Q. I do not have cable service, can I still use a cable modem?
A. Yes, however, you will need to call Massillon Cable TV at
330-833-4134 and order a cable connection. Cable TV installation
costs $25.00. There is a $10.00 a month charge to maintain the
connection for cable modem service if you do not subscribe to
Basic cable TV service.

Q. What can I do to prepare for a cable modem?
A. You must have a cable TV outlet in the same room as your
computer. You must be able to install a cable wire from that outlet
to the cable modem (within 6 feet of your computer or hub) without
crossing a doorway or traffic area (a common sense safety measure).
If you do not have a cable outlet you will need to install one.
Please call Massillon Cable TV at 330-833-4134 and request an
installation. There is a charge for this service.

You must also have a network card installed in your computer. You
can make your computer "cable modem ready" if you are buying a
new computer or having an old one fixed. Have them install a network
card in the computer. We recommend using a network card
manufactured by 3Com, part number 3C509B or 3C900B.

Q. If I have a compatible network card, will the installation price be
A. Yes, installation is only $54 if your computer is already equipped
with a compatible network card.

Q. Who is responsible for computer configuration?
A. Super-Net will use all reasonable means to insure that your computer
is working properly with the cable modem. If Super-Net provides the
network card, we will strive to create the proper computer configuration.
If you provide your own network card, you are responsible for any and
all computer configuration. If Super-Net cannot create a configuration that
enables your computer to work properly with a cable modem, there will
be no charge (provided it meets the system requirements).

Q. What is included with the cable modem service?
A. Cable modem service includes all of the features currently provided
to Super-Net dialup customers. These include unlimited access to the
Internet, an email account, access to news groups and other services.

Q. Can I keep my Super-Net dialup email account?
A. Yes, your Super-Net email account will not change.

Q. I like to use AOL or Prodigy. Will I still be able to connect to them?
A. Yes. A cable modem will not limit your connection to these services.
However, the faster speed and constant connection should enhance
your enjoyment of these services.

Q. What is the difference between a cable modem and Road Runner?
A. A cable modem is a piece of electronic hardware that allows
communication over cable TV wires. Road Runner is a collection of
internet content. A cable modem does not need the Road Runner
content in order to work. In fact, most people with access to Road
Runner do not use the service.

Q. My telephone modem does not connect at it's maximum speed.
Will this happen with my cable modem?
A. Connection speed with a dial up modem is affected by the quality
of phone lines. That is not true with a cable modem. The maximum
speed of your cable modem connection will be limited by the specific
plan you select. As with all data communications, the speed of
downloads will vary depending on the web site that you are visiting.

Q. Can I upgrade my cable modem service at any time?
A. Yes. You can change your cable modem service package at any
time. There is no charge to upgrade your service and there is no
need for a return visit by a technician. All you need to do is send
an email to cable@sssnet.com. Super-Net will upgrade your service
within 2 to 3 days of notification.

Q. Can I install the cable modem myself?
A. No, Super-Net will provide the installation.

Q. If I have a credit balance on my Super-Net dialup account for
Internet service, will it be applied to my cable modem account?
A. Yes, the balance will be applied.

Q. Who answers my technical support questions?
A. The Super-Net helpdesk will handle all technical support calls.
They may be reached at 330-830-2800.

Q. Can I setup a web, mail, or FTP server?
A. The installation of a web (domain), mail or ftp server or servers
is expressly prohibited and may result in the immediate termination
of an account. If you need to setup a server of the above type, you
must contact Super-Net prior to the installation of the server. Pricing
for this type of service starts at $400.00 a month and is granted at
the sole discretion of Super-Net.

Q. How many e-mail accounts do I receive with my cable modem?
A. One e-mail account is included with your cable modem account.
Additional e-mail accounts can be purchased for $3.00 per month
per account.

Q. How do I connect more then one computer to the Internet using
a cable modem?
A. You can connect more than one computer to the Internet by
setting up a proxy server. You can download proxy server software
by going to almost any shareware website. Super-Net does not setup
or support proxy servers.

Q. What do I need to do if I change the network card in my
computer after the cable modem has been installed?
A. You will need to call the Super-Net Helpdesk with the adapter
address for the new network card.