Dial-Up Networking Setup (Windows95)

The first 14 steps are only necessary if Dial-Up Networking isn't installed on your computer.
(You will need your Windows95 CD-ROM for the following steps)
1. Click the button on your desktop.
2. Click Settings and then Control Panel.
3. Once you are in the Control Panel, click
4. Click the Windows Setup tab at the top of the window.
5. Next, double-click Communications and place a check in the Dial-Up Networking box.
6. Click OK at the bottom of the Communications window and then click Apply at the bottom of the Add/Remove Program Properties window.
7. The computer will copy the files that it needs from your hard drive, or you will be asked to insert the Windows95 CD-ROM.
8. Once the files have been copied, you will be asked to restart the computer for the changes to be made, select Yes.

9. After the computer restarts, double-click in the Control Panel and then click ADD in the middle of the window.
10. Next, click Protocol and then click Add.
11. Under the Manufacturers column, select Microsoft and under the Network Protocols column click TCP/IP.

12. Click OK
13. Click OK at the bottom of the Network window.
14. You will now see a message that says you must restart your computer, click Yes here.
15. Click and then click
16. Click
17. Type SSSNet where it says Type a name for the computer you are dialing, then click Next>.
18. Type in your area code and the access number that is local to you.
19. Click Next> and then Finish on the next window.
20. Click with your right mouse button, then click Create Shortcut.
21. Click Yes when you get the message that Windows cannot create a shortcut here.
22. Click with your right mouse buttom, then click Properties.
23. Click Server Types and remove the checks from Log on to network, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX Compatible

24. Click OK and then OK again if necessary.
25. Close The Dial-Up Networking and My Computer windows.
26. You have finished making a Dial-Up Networking connection. To connect, double-click enter your Username and Password and click Connect.